Painted Desert x Maize Medley

Hosta Heritage Line for hybrid with Jeff Moore plants-

  • Painted Desert (Color Fantasy x Alabama Gold) x OP
  • Maize Medley (Empress Wu x Key West) x OP

Color Fantasy – crossing H. ‘Gala’ × an unnamed sibling plant. It was registered in 1980 by Paul Aden of New York
Alabama Gold – open-pollinated seedling of H. ‘Golden Waffles’was registered by Natalee Suggs in 1986
Empress Wu a seedling of ‘Big John’ [H. ‘Big John’ × H. ‘Big John’] B. & V. Skaggs 2008
Key West [H. nigrescens ‘Elatior’ × H. ‘High Noon’](O. Petryszyn 1999)