(8-22-18) One of the crosses that were recently done by Rob James features a lot of Bob Solberg influences in hope of building on the red of both plants

The cross-by Rob James 8-20-18
First Blush [(Solberg 48/49 seedling × H. ‘Beet Salad’)] (Bob Solberg 2016) red petioles that extend into the leaf blade but also a thin red margin around the leaf

  • Mango Salsa – clausa sdlg x ‘Strawberry Banana Smoothie’ (Bob Solberg 2011)
  • Beet Salad clausa normalis F2 seedling X Strawberry Banana Smoothie sibling (Bob Solberg 2009) has great pollen and does set red seed pods andappears to pass along the red margin

Solberg 48/49 seedling – also a part of new Solberg hosta Tom Terrific (large yellow hostas with purple petioles) which was crossed with Key West

Strawberry Banana Smoothie pod parent is Hosta ‘Whiskey Sour’ X sibling” – , translucent yellow foliage with bright red (not purple) petioles

Whiskey Sour – pod parent is Hosta ‘Ogon Tsushima‘ The Pollen parent is Hosta yingeri