Wisconsin Badger

picture courtesy of Jeff Moore

(8-22-18) Wisconsin seems to be a hot bed for hostas, one of the most noteworthy is Jeff Moore. Moore has stimulated hybrid hosta concentrating on making red a high priority.  His Badger Red is catching the attention of many, recently he auctioned of some of his own stock and the first to leave his garden, it went for $200. Moore is also working to recreate the black flower of Edgar Allen Poe and is seeing some progress.

Badger Red by Jeff Moore

  • Red Eagle (Miss Ruby x Mr Jack) x (Greased Pole x Katsuragawa Beni)

Hosta Heritage Lines

*Greased Pole (‘Katsuragawa Beni’ × ‘Flor Roja) (Jeff Moore)
-a medium sized green hosta with very dark scapes. It is out of the breeding program of Jeff Moore as he works to develop red flowered hostas.
-Greased Pole is a cross of Katsuragawa Beni with Flor Roja, Flor Roja is a Kokuryu F1 seedling.

*Katsuragawa Beni
-is a hosta that was discovered in the mountains of Japan.
-The petioles have a cinnamon speckled pattern that continues half way up the leaf. The heavily pointed leaves on this small hosta plant are a soft green and glossy.

*Miss Ruby (‘Katsuragawa Beni’ hybrid) (Arthur Wrede 2005)
-Wavy medium green leaves are slightly shiny and held on red petioles.
-The petioles are a deep reddish purple and the color bleeds into the base of the leaf.
-Won Best Seedling at the 2004 First Look Convention.
-Deep red scapes emerge from the foliage in mid-summer holding purple flowers – [H. ‘Katsuragawa Beni’ × unknown]

*Mr Jack (unknown) (Arthur Wrede)
– a green hosta from Art Wrede that has red at the base of the leaf early in the season. It holds this color longer in cooler climates. It also has a white back and dark petioles.